Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weltklang German Alto Trombone

Hello trombonists!  Any of you know anything about this instrument?  I have not been able to locate much on the web.

Made in or near Markneukirchen by the DDR conglomerate Weltklang, possibly as late as mid-1980's.  It has a very small dual bore, around .440/.460, no leadpipe, no bell nut, no water valve, and minimally braced.  And a tight scratchy slide.  I believe the mouthpiece is original; it seems a perfect fit, small diameter and funnel-shaped.  The horn has a clear, elegant sound and is very easy to overpower.  I think it would be appropriate for Mozart Requiem, most choir accompaniments, maybe Brahms Symphonies.  Especially with small ensembles.

Shown here beside my Yamaha for scale.

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