Sunday, March 20, 2011


Paul's Cyclery will soon be moving to a new location. (Finally!) Starting June 1 or thereabouts we will be found in the beautiful, new, sunny and spacious location at 3602-D River Point Drive. For the address-impaired, it's the building presently occupied by Subway at the intersection of Platte River Trail and Bear Creek Trail. Across the parking lot from SuperTarget. A stone's throw from the path. Look for it!

Thou Dost Promote Too Much, Methinks

Just want to say, we're not offering bribes of store credit for posting a favorable online review.

We promise to build or repair your bike as well as possible, and to honor all reasonable requests fairly and cheerfully. Our primary means of promotion has always been and will continue to be referrals from satisfied customers. If you are pleased with our products and service, we believe that you will come back and tell all your friends, and if for some reason you are displeased with our service we hope you will tell us in person and give us a chance to amend the fault. That's all.