Friday, October 29, 2010

Campagnolo Delta Brake

The cover has been removed for illustration.  How many moving parts?  Thirty?  Forty???  What could possible go wrong?

Seriously, this is a great brake, somewhat limited in application, but super-strong with great modulation.  Hard to setup, won't work with tires over 23c, hard to adjust, and expensive to manufacture.  The cable binder takes a 3.5mm hex wrench, and to get the cover back on you have to cut the cable off flush, so good luck trying to make any subsequent cable adjustments.  There is a very narrow adjustment band and the pad thickness has to be matched to the rim width.  You can see how the arms don't quite line up with the body in this particular application.  I need thicker pads or spacers.  Maybe there's another adjustment in the pivots to account for rim width?  Arggh I don't have time for this!


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