Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colnago and Mecacycle

Look closely, this isn't something you are likely to see every day.  Touch the picture to get a closeup.  TWO twin-tube bike frames in the same picture, a Colnago (Italian) from late 90's and a Mecacycle (French) from mid-80's.  The Colnago is glued carbon with aluminum lugs, fancy and classy and probably rides great.  All those glued joints, though are showing their age.  The Mecacycle is handmade fillet-brazed steel (Vitus probably) which from a distance looks like just another old black beater, but up close shows the work of a master welder.

An internal clamp like a quill stem holds the seatpost in place.  The brake housing is routed inside the top tube.

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