Saturday, February 13, 2016

Charlie White Great Cyclist

Charlie rode 36,875 miles in 2015.  I know this because I repaired his bike constantly during the achievement.  I know this also because I have seen his calendar.  And because I've been watching his cyclometer.  Also because he wrote his numbers on a piece of paper which I have right here.  This on an nondescript hybrid bike, his only bike.

Thirty-six thousand eight hundred seventy-five miles.  In  2015.

Average daily 101.03
One day off all year
Best day 187
Worst day .25
Best week 985
Best month October 4110

This is the highest yearly number among all the cyclists I know, or have known, or of all the twenty thousand or so lesser bicycles I have worked on.

Charlie was killed while riding January 30, 2016.

So the long ride comes to an end.  Rest in peace, my friend.


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Unknown said...

Sorry stuff like that happens. I hope it's never you or me.